Giva Agro Produce

Delivering Traditions.

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Naturally Organic Pulses are sourced mainly from Lower Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India. These seeds are rich source of protein and iron. Catalogue USP being Himalayan Horsegram(Gahat), Harshil Kidney Beans(Rajma), Black Soyabean.


Himalayan Spices, known for their aroma and taste, are being cultivated in the Lower Himalayas for centuries. Grown by using traditional ways of farming, thus ensuring a naturally organic produce.



Millets grown in Himalayan state of Uttarakhand is one of the oldest food known to mankind. Millets are easy to digest due to it being gluten free,highly nutritious and non acidic form of food. Millets are considered to be the least allergenic & most digestible grains available.


Himalayan rice are a common favorite, especially among the regular white rice eaters that are looking for a much healthier alternative. Red rice, grown here, is one of the purest and the richest in some of the essential nutrients that are needed for the body.



Himalayan Herbs are known world-wide for their aesthetic and medicinal values. Indian Ginseng, Himalayan Gooseberry are among the herbs cultivated in this region.