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Exporter of Private Labelled Personal Care Products, Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts and Herbal Teas.

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🌸 Giva Agro's 100% Pure Lavender Oil.
Crafted for purity and aromatic excellence, perfect for enhancing your product line.

Lavender Oil has a sweet and floral scented aroma. It is widely known for its multiple health benefits ranging from aromatherapy to skincare. You can directly apply on your skin. It is good for skin. It helps fight acne’s, reduces wrinkles, and give your skin the radiant glow. It is truly king of all oils.


Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

CAS #8000-28-0

EINECS #289-995-2

Part Used: Flowers 

Product Description

Lavender Oil has a sweet and floral scented aroma. Lavender Oil has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, that are used in treating various types of skin issues such as rashes and irritation etc. It also contains powerful antioxidants. 

There are various use of Lavender oil. For example in Aromatherapy as helps in relaxing and relieving from stress. In Manufacturing of Candles and room fresheners because of its aroma. Lastly, in manufacturing of Skin Care Products and soaps because it not only contains powerful antioxidants but also possesses cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties,that has positive effects on your skin and hair. Removing Foul odor from rooms because of its strong aroma. It is a natural Insect and bugs Repellent.

Why Choose Our Lavender Oil?

  • 🌿 100% Natural: Extracted from the finest lavender, ensuring top quality and potency.

  • 💤 Relaxing Properties: Ideal for calming products in skincare, sleep aids, and stress relief.

  • 🌾 Versatile Use: A staple for aromatherapy, personal care, and wellness products.


Request for Certificate of Analysis.

To request for Certification of Analysis(COA) please email us at


About us

Giva Agro provides wide range of essential oils. We are a leading supplier and distributors of essential oils. We offer more than 500 Essential Oils and 560 types of Herbal Extracts and Herbal oils. Our products are exclusively grown in India. Here are our strengths:

  • Our Products are 100% Pure and Natural . They are known for their finest quality and purity.

  • We do not use any  artificial aroma or fragrances during our extraction process.

  • We provide customized labeling and bulk packaging to our customers across Europe and Asia. with Guaranteed Best Prices.

They are completely safe for your health and skin(Non-GMO, Allergen Free). Contact us for further details. 


Private Label solutions

At Giva Agro we are committed to help our clients and in building a complete natural & Pure essential oils brand. We provide customized packaging solutions, also known as white labeling. Our solution includes from packaging material to logo printing. We also provide consulting and best practices. Our solution includes small containers to small glass and plastic bottles depending upon customer’s requests. We pack our products with highest quality standards. Our team ensures quality checks before shipping.

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Exporter of Personal Care Products, Essential Oils, Cosmetic Oils, Skin Care Manufacturer.
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