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Exporter of Agricultural Products, 100% Natural and Pure Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts

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Fragrance Oils

Embark on a sensorial journey with our meticulously crafted Fragrance Oils, an innovative fusion of completely synthetic aromatic compounds designed to emulate the captivating scents found in essential oils. Immerse yourself in a world where fragrance becomes an art form, enhancing your surroundings with a symphony of delightful notes.

Oil Soluble Fragrance Oils
(For usage in oil based formulations like serums, balms, creams and also soaps)

Water Soluble Fragrance Oils
(For usage in water based formulations like gels, shampoos, bodywashes, face washes etc)

Rosemary Fragrance Oil
Frangipani Fragrance Oil
Cigar Gordo Fragrance Oil
Apple Cinnamon Fragrance Oil
Aquasplash Fragrance Oil
Chamomile Fragrance Oil
Fragrance-Lotus Pink
Fragrance-Lime Refresh

Luxury Fragrances (Oil Soluble)

Cloud 9 Fragrance Oil
Cedar and Ylang Ylang Fragrance Oil
Schnooze Fragrance Oil
Oudh and Black Rose Fragrance Oil

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